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Confidential Questionnaire


Occupation Mr:
Occupation Mrs:

Your family:
Number of adults:
Number of children:

Pecise address an number of residents:

Nearest large towns and distances:

Home telephones, fax, e-mail:

Business telephones, fax, e-mail:

e-mail opened several times by day, or by week ?:

Exchange. Number of persons: (first names, ages, sexes (F or M))


Spoken langages:
Written langages:
Smokers or non smokers :

Family accepted:
Number of adults:
Number of children:
You do not wish to receive young children, smokers, heavy smokers

Information on your habitation:
- Type:
Main house, holiday home, old/typical house, farm, villa, flat, other:
Level, house with floors, lift:
House area (m2):

- Quality/standard:
Usual, standing, high standing, domestic help, baby-sitter, helpful and nice neighbours
At your arrival, neighbour/friend present to welcome + advise guests
Calm, child friendly, other:

- Address (if holiday home):
Nearest large towns and distances:
Home telephone:

- Situation:
Picturesque, beautiful view, town, village, countryside, close neighbours,
Detached house, semi-detached house,
More info:

Interior equipments:
Stove, fridge, dishwasher, washing machine, tumble dryer, micro wave, TV, cable TV, stereo, vcr, telephone, toys, air conditionning, sauna, jacuzzi, fireplace, piano. Others :
Heating. Type :

- Rooms:
Lounge, living room, dining room, kitchen, game room. bathroom, number :

Numb.of bedrooms, number of single bed, number of double beds by bedroom, annex sleepings, quality of mattress:


- Outside:

Garden( ...... m2), yard( ...... m2), terrace( ...... m2), patio( ...... m2), swimmingpool( ...... m2), balcony( ...... m2),
Garden furniture, barbecue, garage, private car park, public car park
Others :

You also propose a second house ?: No, Yes (Please, more info in annex)

Information on your region:
- Public transport :
Airport, gare, bus, tube, taxi (
town and distances of access):

- Tourism :
Theatre, cinema, museums, library
Folklore, tourist interests, fetes, festivals (town, dates):

Touristic Websites (if possible): http://

- Relaxation, sports, amenities :
Mountain, sea, lake, beach, river, other:
Description and distance of swim places:

Horseback riding, tennis, golf, public pool, water-ski, aerial sports, windsurfing, sailing, canoeing, rafting, hiking, climbing, caving,
on-piste skiing, cross-country skiing, mountain bike circuits, fishing, kindergarten, park, others :

- Shops, doctor, bank (distances of access):
Usual shops:

Information on the accomodation wished:
- Type:

Studio, apartment, villa, farm, old/typical house, other:

- Quality wished:
Usual, standing, great standing, luxury house, calm, domestic help, baby-sitter. Other:

- Situation :
Countryside, town, village, mountain, sea, lake/river, isolated, close neighbours. Other:

Regions wished in France:

or opened on all nice tourist regions

- Essential equipment:
Fridge, dishwasher, washing machine, tumble dryer, TV, telephone, toys. Others:

- Rooms wished:
Number of bedrooms and others:

- Outside facilities wished :
Garden, terrace, balcony, indoor/outdoor pool, barbecue, garage, private car park. Others:

I wish a little service (garden or other):

Pets care offered
Pets care wished, more info:

Quality of equipments:
Cleanness :
Very good, Good, Usual,
Bedding : Very good, Good, Usual,
Household appliances : Very good, Good, Usual,
More info :

Car exchange:
No, Yes, possibly, to discuss.
Make, type, numer of places, year, km:
Others : (bikes, motorbike, boat, motor-home):

If you choose to exchange cars, it is normal for the car owner to arrange insurance cover for the extra driver(s).
This should normally be comprehensive and the driver(s) should be made aware of the amount of any "excess/deductible" for which
they might be responsible in the event of any non-recoverable claim.
Cars should have been recently serviced and a prior arrangement made with your local garage for the repair of any faults which might arise
during the exchange; obviously, the driver would pay for anything which was his/her fault, but otherwise repairs are the owner’s responsibility.

Period of the exchange:
Simultaneous exchange, (same dates), Non-simultaneous exchange (different dates)

- With your main home
....Your dates :

- With your holiday home
....Your dates :

....Your habitation is free at other dates for a deferred exchange, please give us these periods:


For the moment & just for information, below your commitments that will be in your future contract.

I understand that personal information supplied to Echanges Bovilé will only be disclosed to potential exchange partners (where relevant,
via associate agencies in the country/countries of choice) and will not be used for any other purpose.
I authorise Echanges Bovilé to publish my enclosed photos on the web site.

- I promise to take good care of my exchange partners' home (and car if applicable).
- I promise not to invit any persons not included in the original to visit me at my exchange partners' home, without first obtaining their permission.
- I promise to provide a clean + comfortable home, with a good quality beds and internal equipments in good working order.
- I promise to give a house with internal equipments in good condition
- I undertake to inform my insurer that my home will be occupied by friends during my absence and to ensure that the policy will cover their stay

It has been clearly explained to me that the service provided by Echanges Bovilé is limited to the introduction of potential exchange partners and
the provision of advice and guidance. I accept that Echanges Bovilé bears no responsibility for the accuracy of information supplied by potential
exchange partners, or for the actions of either party subsequent to introduction.

I certify that the information provided on my confidential questionnaire is true and accurate