Michel and Joelle the creators propose since 1994 only CUSTOMIZED EXCHANGES.

They help you carrying out your exchange wishes, by introducing you French and foreign families, and by informing you and answering all your questions.

- We are looking for you, but you can also tell us who you are trying ref on the site

- We are always available to answer all your questions (telephone, e-mails)

- No registration or annual fee

- We connect the two families and look good agreement confirmations before concluding the exchange

- We will advise you if you exchange your car, also checking your home insurance and car

- We will contact you after your exchange to determine your satisfaction and our customer care Register

- We record all your exchanges made, also for the future your next destination & regions wished

- Your trade will be embodied in a CONTRACT and commitments signed by both families and Exchange Bovilé


Our possibilities

Our Services

How do we work (Cost and contract of the exchange)



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Our possibilities

We have a lot of exchange opportunities in France, and we are therefore able to satisfy most of the requests ... Some regions are more popular than others; as a consequence we cannot always guarantee a seaside house. Although retired members and families without school-age children are interested in travelling during non-school-holidays periods, the choice is nevertheless important during the French school holidays, viz.:

- Around 8-14 days: on the October 19th / November 4th period (for all regions)

- Around 8-14 days: on the December 21th / January 6th period (for all regions)

- Around 8-14 days: on the February 15th / March 17th period (3 regions, 3 different periods: February 15th-March 3rd, February 22th-March 10th, March 1st-17th)

- Around 8-14 days: on the March 31th / May 1st period (3 regions: April 12th-28th, April 19th-May 5th, April 26th-May 12th)

- Around 2-4 weeks on the July 5th / September 2nd period (September 20th for University holidays)

- School-holidays in France and the Dom-Tom.

Our Services

- We do the searching.

- No registration or annual fees.

- Advice on car exchange (insurance, surcharge, mileage limit).

- Our job is to answer your questions.

- You only occupy the family's house that you are hosting.

- We are keeping up with every French client about their previous exchanges and their future wishes.

- We contact every family at the end of an exchange, so as to be sure that everything went fine.

- The invoice is only paid on accepting your exchange partner.

- Our clients' confidential files are regularly updated; we take into account their wishes for the future and their commentaries on every previous exchange (whether it be satisfaction commentaries, advises or critics). Aware of the seriousness of exchanging one's home, demands or families which do not suit a welcoming, respectful and friendly spirit are rejected. People accepting these processes respect their goods and others' and therefore select themselves.


Your details are communicated to your exchange partner only when the 2 parties have accepted the exchange. You will appear on the Web site if you wish only, and the way you wish it. The photographs of your home will appear, but under no circumstances your name, address or details will appear.

How do we work?

As soon as we receive your confidential form and photographs, we start looking among our French families which one would suit your wish best. As soon as an interesting possibility arises, you will receive all the information we have in our possession, and several photos. If this offer does not suit you, we keep searching. If it suits you, you will be put in touch directly with the family in order to confirm your mutual understanding. Once your exchange is definitively confirmed, you will receive the exchange contract between the two families and Echanges Bovilé, and the invoice

Cost of the exchange after your definitive confirmation:

245 Euros


Before realising the exchange you will receive a contract where:

- your exchange partner 's identity and address

- the exchanged houses' addresses

- your commitments (good behaviour, insurance, others' goods respect, and specific agreements accepted by the 2 parties) are mentioned.

Please return us back this form firmed.

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If you have a problem, or questions, contact us!

Exchange opportunities in France and others

Click on the images to access the "Pending Requests", we advise you to use a computer for better navigation.

Frequent asked questions

Do we have to welcome our guests? And how can we give them the keys?

If you cannot welcome them, give the keys to a relative, friend, or reliable neighbour who will be able to guide and advise them. We advise you to give to this person an other bunch of keys, in case one is lost during the stay.

Do our insurance companies need to be informed?

-It is essential to inform the insurance company about the exchange partner's name, the driver of your car's name, and the dates of the exchange. Ask your company to confirm that your exchange partner is allowed to use your car and will benefit from your personal contract guarantees.

Do we have to empty the fridge or leave some food in it?

We advise you to empty the fridge, defrost it if necessary, clean it and plug it in again before your hosts arrive, and do the same before leaving from your host's house

Do we have to clear up our shelves?

Without clearing up everything, leave a comfortable storage place for your guests.


Once your exchange has been agreed and both parties have made their travel arrangements, cancellation is only acceptable in very extreme circumstances (eg. the serious illness of a member of the exchange party), in which case we will intervene to assist. Your exchange partners will be reassured to know that you have made some form of contingency plan (eg. to stay with relatives) which would safeguard their holiday in the unlikely event that you had to cancel your own. Finally, it is a nice gesture to leave a small gift (perhaps something specific to your country/area) and a letter to let your hosts know how much you have enjoyed staying in their home/ meeting their friends.

We would like very much to exchange our cars, what is the usual procedure?

If you choose to exchange cars, it is normal for the car owner to arrange insurance cover for the extra driver(s). This should normally be comprehensive and the driver(s) should be made aware of the amount of any "excess/deductible" for which they might be responsible in the event of any non-recoverable claim.

Cars should have been recently serviced and a prior arrangement made with your local garage for the repair of any faults which might arise during the exchange; obviously, the driver would pay for anything which was his/her fault, but otherwise repairs are the owner's responsibility.

Breakdown assistance/recovery cover should be discussed/clarified. U.S. drivers should note that most European cars have manual transmission, so it would be wise for drivers to re-familiarise themselves with "stick-shifting".


Preparing for your guests:

Much depends on the format of your exchange, but here are a few suggestions:

. put all the domestics directions for use in a prominent position.

. leave useful telephone numbers: Fire department (brigade), anti-poison centre, ... in a prominent position.

. leave free storage space in bedrooms + kitchen for your guests needs.

. leave beds made up ready for their arrival and provide sufficient bed-linen + towels for their stay.

. clear out refridgerator, apart from a few basics for your guests' arrival.

. clearly label, or better still, lock away any equipment which you do not want your guests to use; similarly, remove any important ornaments etc., particularly where your exchange partners have small children ... their parents will be grateful.

. leave an adequate supply of food for any pets and clear instructions for the care of plants.

. put maps and tourist leaflets that you may have taken at the Tourist Office in a prominent position.

. put your valuable goods, if you are afraid that they might break easily, in a cupboard or even in a locked room in this case do not declare this room as available. Inform your nearest neighbours that your house will be occupied: your exchange partner may be very happy to have contacts.

. provide your guests with at least 2 sets of house/car keys.

. leave basic food, so that your exchange partner will not have to go shopping as soon as he arrives.

. Enjoy your stay in your exchange partners' home ... take care to follow their instructions and leave their home and car exactly as you found it. Strip beds and leave them made up for your hosts' return (no need to launder the last set of linen/towels).

Replace food and other supplies (including petrol) you may have used, again leaving a few staples in the 'fridge.

If the idea of spending half-a-day cleaning kitchen + bathrooms etc. at the end of your holiday doesn't appeal to you, you might suggest (and pay for) the services of a cleaner.

Information folder

Gather up any information your exchange partners might need/ find useful

. emergency 'phone numbers ("999", doctor, dentist, vet, maintenance contacts, garage, taxis, baby-sitters)

. location of fuse box, water stop-cock etc.

. instruction booklets for domestic appliances, heating/ air conditioning etc.; attach "post-it" notes to appliances such as washing m/cs, giving simple advice on normal usage

. household security/alarm instructions

. where relevant, car/insurance documentation (including a brief letter authorising the use of your car), handbook, road maps etc.; again, use "post-it" notes to highlight things like type/grade of fuel

. leaflets, maps, recommended restaurants/pubs, location of tourist information centre

. contact numbers for friends who are interested in meeting your guests, perhaps helping them pursue any specific interest ... eg. potential golf partners etc.

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