- Comité Régional du Tourisme .....https://www.sancy.com/

- 03. Allier .....https://www.allier-auvergne-tourisme.com/
- 15. Cantal .....http://www.cantal-destination.com/

- 43. Haute Loire .....https://www.france-voyage.com/guide/haute-loire-departement.htm
- 63. Puy de Dôme .....http://www.planetepuydedome.com/accueil-116-1.html

- Moving to France .....http://www.kiechle.com/france/index.htm

The AUVERGNE and its old volcanic past. Now the region of Auvergne offers fresh and green landscapes, with forests, rivers, waterfalls. Visit the charming cities of Clermont-Ferrand, Du Puy en Velay, Moulins, Montluçon, Thiers, Rodez, the famous thermal cities, The Monts Dores and the Cantal areas.
You will discover the beautifully restored Middle-Age churches, the countless testimonies of roman art, the feudal and Renaissance castles. Enjoy the strong gastronomy flavours: gentian alcohol, served at the beginning of the meal, coq au vin, St Nectaire cheese, river trout.


03 Allier, 15 Cantal, 43 Haute-Loire, 63 Puy de Dôme