- Région Pays de la Loire .....http://www.enpaysdelaloire.com/
- Châteaux de la Loire

- 44. Loire Atlantique .....http://www.ohlaloireatlantique.com/
- 49. Maine et Loire - Saumur
- 53. Mayenne - CDT
- 72. Sarthe
- 85. Vendée - CDT .....http://www.vendee-tourisme.com/

- Moving to France .....http://www.kiechle.com/france/index.htm

The PAYS DE LOIRE, a very rich and diverse region.
Discover the architectural heritage: the medieval villages and countless castles influenced by Italian and English styles.
Travel through the beautiful roads of the region, admire the beautiful landscapes: you will see how nice it is to live in Pays-de-Loire.
You will appreciate its delicate wines and gastronomy.


44 Loire-Atlantique, 49 Maine-et-Loire, 53 Mayenne, 72 Sarthe, 85 Vendée