Print .., modify, and place it prominently in your home
It will inform, QUICKLY your guests on:
. persons, service companies to contact in case of emergency or technical problem
. the operating mode of your technical equipment (appliance, pool, sprinkler, alarm, computer) ..
. nearby amenities (transport, shops, doctors, banks, etc. ..)
. and certainly others

Below, just for exemple

mobil phone :
House :
Contacts on place, (Names & phone) :
Doctor :
If problem with domestic appliance (dish washer, washing machin, télévision) :
If problem garden, irrigation, pool :
call Mister Eric SOLIER 04. . . . .

To do your shopping, there are bakeries not far from home, a butcher's shop and a mini-market to:

On tuesday morning you have our market to:
and also others to:

PORCH (blind, lighting, refrigerator)
The blind is scheduled to come down at 8.00am and up at 4.00pm
Programming is in the kitchen, on the radiator's right. If you prefer, use the manual mode

The switch is in the kitchen to the right of the white radiator. In the porch refrigerator, you will find ice-creams and cakes in the freezer, and drinks and yoghourts, dairies and cheese

Everywhere the water is drinkable, except for the garden water, come from drillings, is not drinkable

The directions for use of the various domestic appliances are in the exercise book.
For the hot plate (burner US) just use the gas lighter which is in the right drawer under the hot plate.
Over the refrigerator of the kitchen are cloths, towels and aprons.
For tablecloths it is necessary to take them in the big cupboard of the dining room.
The doses for the dish washer are under the kitchen sink

Freezers are in the storeroom, you'il find some cooked dishes. As soon as you open the door a bell will ring.
The direction for use of the washing machine and the tumble dryer are in the exercise book. Over the tumble dryer, you will find everything you need for the washing (washing powder).
You will also find the ironing board and the iron (directions for use in the exercise book)

A la cave (la porte se trouve au fond du couloir d'entrée, à côté de l'escalier) il y a de la vaisselle supplémentaire, des grands sacs en plastique, des boites, des assiettes et des verres en plastique, des serviettes en papier, des boissons (en rentrant à droite)
You will find additional crockery, big plastic bags, boxes, but also plates, plastic glasses, paper napkins, and drinks

The bins (garbageUS) are collected on mondays, wednesdays and fridays at 8.00am, you can put them out in the street the night before. Just put your bins out in front of the plane tree before the house.
We store glasses in a green rolling dustbin (out of the porch), also a yellow dustbin for plastics, and a blue for boxes, papers, and newspapers)

You just have to press "ON-OFF" on the remote control.
For a better comfort I advise you to press on the SLEEP button: it will allow the air conditioning to stop automatically at 02 o'clock in the morning

The remote control will enable you to watch the following channels
1 -TF1
2 - France 2
3 - France 3
5 - LA CINQ Jusqu'à 19heures) et ARTE au delà
5 - TUE FIVE (till 07.00PM) and ARTE beyond
6 - M6

(In the house, when coming in)
In order to switch it on or off, you just have to put the small black stick which is on the bottom drawer on it. If the alarms get activated, follow the same steps with the stick, and it will set it off

You will just have to put the products which I put in small buckets, and which are in the technical room of the swimming pool, next to the garage, the days indicated on buckets. On a daily basis, there is nothing to do but to remove leaves with the perch.
The schedules of the filtration are automatically scheduled.
The lighting of the swimming pool is in the technical premises: Against the wall, in front of the entrance, there is a case on which are two little programming pendulettes. On the top of this case, turn the right button on

The gardeners may come to mow the lawn and to make rnaintenance. They've got the keys of the garden and will not disturb you

It's automatic, as much for the irrigation as for the drip in drop. It has been scheduled to start at about 5 o'clock in the morning. If it rains, you can stop it by switching "OFF" on

The switch is in the house, in the dining room, on the left of the big wooden door

The charcoal as well as all the material for the cooking are under the barbecue

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